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Bingo Card Post

 All Bingo Cards have been given out!
Just check the replies to your comments :)
Please comment when picked up 

Once you have your  Bingo Card, check this post often as I will begin to post out random bingo characters.
When all your characters on your card has been posted, show me your bingo card (a link will be enough) and call bingo ! 

1.     2.      3.    4.

5.     6.    7.   8.

9.   10.  11.   12.

13.   14.  15.  16.

17.  18.  19. 20.

21.  22.  23.  24.

25.  26.  27.  28.
29. 30.  31.  32.
33. 34. 35.  36. 

how to eat

Lets play.. BINGO!!

 Out of the following FORTY FOUR kawaii bingo characters, choose 4 to put onto your Bingo Card :)
Use this form, and post as a comment:

In the  process of making the Bingo Cards ! Please be patient with me as I will be over at my friends house the next two days ! thankkkyouu all for the many requests <3 

-After a couple of days. I will stop giving out Bingo cards, and start a new post. In this new post I will post pictures of the characters up randomly (using a random  number generator). 
-And once all four of your characters have been called out, call BINGO! show me your bingo card and you will get a surprise! 
-The faster (and the more you check this community) the better chance you will call  BINGO! first. (of course luck plays a huge part!)
Earlier Bingo's = Bigger prizes!! 

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how to eat

2500 Members !!!!!

 One new banner to promote community ~ lets aim for 3000!

This truely makes so  happy :)

As a surprise.. my gallery is open for requests. The last open gallery's requests were never finished because some RL issues came up, I'm so sorry =( however...

I Will definately do every request for this one <3 CLOSED

Gallery here 

Members only, -if you are up to and including the 25th comment you can request TWO icons
after that, please request one 
mermaid relax

Icons, Dividers, FO Banners! <3<3

 Hii guys <3<3   0  =)  ! 
due to my continued procrastination for exams, here's a new bunch of cute icons! :P 
I had so much fun making these.. probably partially due to the fact that I almost forget about my mid-sems in four days :O 

* Sanrio, Cyworld, San-X, Cute Food.. etc! Icons
*Friends only banners


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how to eat


 Fill out the form before it's closed to get one of these :)
Or you can take the original version with no words ! <3

CLOSED! I am finishing of requests now :) 
First TWO Members  to request this freebie,  can choose any icon in this journal to be turned into a freebie for my next post :) 



Icon (mermaid/teddy):