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Hey everyone!
As you guys probably have noticed, I won't be posting in this journal often.
But every now and then, I will make an post =) 

But creamiicandy will never be deleted and you guys can always browse through my old entries, theres quite a lot of icons there.
Trying to fix up the tagging for easier browsing, tagging can be such a mess :O! Any suggestions? 

This post consists of:
* 32 icons
* Mamegoma FO Banner


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how to eat

Its been quite a while

Just over half a year...
But I've never forgotten this community!
Uni's begun and everything has been so hectic, things have only JUST started to settle down..
So many things have been happening and changing :)
The community is on 1879 members!! :O that is just sooo wonderful <3
onto the icons :

* 45 Icons
* San-x, Q-lia, Sanrio, Kamio Japan, Cyworld


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how to eat

Sanrio Christmas Post

A few Sanrio Christmas icons and also a freebie!
* Sanrio Christmas
* San-x new character don't know name
* 2 Backgrounds
* Divider

And guys, you can always check the Seasonal-Christmas tags to find a couple of old cute xmas icons :3.


Most likely unlimited until christmas, but members only.

Colour of text/Example:


Also, a new kawaii icons community has been opened!
Many animated cute icons =)

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how to eat

You guys are amazing!!

*pokes title*
Yes, exams are overrrr
apologies for the very long absence o.O
its amazing to see that that despite that, the community has grown yet again with now more than 1300 members

Christmas icons coming soon! but I'm little short of images to use so if you happen to know any cute xmas pics let me know :D

Note: About the Hannari Tofu freebie in previous post, I am so sorry that I completely didn't fill many of your requests, if you are still interested, feel free to post the form into THIS entry and I'll make it as quick as possible.

Any characters/theme/stuff you happen to be interested in? tell me in the suggestion post !

* 3 Fo Banners
* 40 Icons


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(no subject)

No I haven’t Poofed
I haven’t dejected this happy, wonderful community
I'm just studying for my finals
and feeling very, very, stressed and worried in the meantime
I'll be back before christmas, see you guys then =)
Just three more months of hard work
I can't wait till I can make icons again!
edit :
OMIGOSH!!! I just checked the comm's profile & we have OVER 1000 members!!!
thats incredible guys :D:D:D:D


how to eat

Adopt your own Hannari Tofu!

All species of Mamegoma

Not a surprise this time =)

Adopt whichever Hannari Tofu you like best, or just snag a blank one if you don't want any text.
Unlimited until closed/next post.

I don't usually do couple icons, but this one was too cute to resist. If you want, I can just do one name on the icon too.



Without Text


Form for Hannari tofu
Tofu type:
Colour of text/same as example:

Form for Couple tofu
Colour of text/same as example:
how to eat


 Many many thanks to these websites !  - Very well organised variety of kawaii scans.No updates since 2009 but they have plenty of scans to browse through!

Yannabobo - Fantastic scans! you can even order kawaii notepads & stickers from here! updates often.

Kawaii stationary pool - You could browse through here for ages and pick out cute scans from various photo streams! 

Cyworld- pretty animated images! there are lots of these here! 

Table generator - simply to use, generates tables, customizable

Pixelpeach - Tutorials about how to use Cyworld, cute pixels and backgrounds!