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cute icons and other goodies from brands like San-X, Q-lia and more!

Welcome ~~

Hello and Welcome to creamiicandy @ Livejournal

This community specialises in bringing you kawaii animated icons and other graphics from brands such as san-x, q-lia, sanrio, kamio japan, crux, etc

Rules ~~.

♥ Do not Hotlink unless it is for community banners

♥ Credit:

Credit is nice because the icons posted here do take a significant time to modify and animate,- it allows other people to know where to found the icons. Your don't have to credit. Please don't take bunches and bunches without credit and/or claim them as your own.

Icons- Under the keywords. Example here

FO banners- credit by having creamiicandy @ livejournal as a hover link or visible somewhere.

I understand that it might be quite "ugly" to have a visible link under the banner,
so its totally fine if you don't credit, especially if you already using my icons!

♥ Graphics are not just restricted to livejournal

♥ Please comment when you take a graphic. Also if you do have random questions or something you wish I will reply to, post your comment in my most recent entry or the suggestion post because I rarely check my previous post's comments.

Quick Linkies.~

♥ Check the Tags if you are looking for certain icons! clickie

♥ Any suggestions? Hoping for certain icons? graphics? comment here at the suggestion post.

♥ The community's gallery is here

♥ Paid Requests here

♥ Want to be affiliated with creamiicandy? Send me a message ! If you are affiliated with creamiicandy, I will make a post to promote your community. Please check out my lovely affies below!

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